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M√ľnchen mit Bergen

Finding accomodations in Munich can be extremely difficult and time consuming and it is important to be persistent. The chance of finding a place to live from outside of Munich is very slim, especially for non-German speakers. Here is some information to make the search easier.

Where to look for housing

Studentenwerk Munich

This is the best place to start to find information online about student residences and private housing.


  • It is worth putting yourself on the waiting list for student residences, even if the waiting period is long. Often spaces become available within a shorter period.
  • The private housing offers from the Studentenwerk are updated often and are one of the most effective ways for students to find housing. Check frequently!

Technical University of Munich (TUM)

The TUM is distinct from the LMU, and also offers general information on student housing open to all.

Real Estate Companies

There are many real estate companies that may be helpful in finding housing (e.g. Note that most websites are in German, and that an agent's fee may apply.

Other places to search or advertise:

  • Newspapers
  • Campus billboards, for example in campus cafeterias
  • LMU Facebook page
  • Post your own ad with a description of yourself and contact information at (see bullets above).

What to be aware of while searching

The International Student Guide on the LMU website provides helpful explanations for words and abbreviations you will often come across.


  • Since the start of the semester is chaotic in terms of looking for accommodations in Munich, it is often better to take what you can get for the short term and continue searching. After the initial influx of students to the city, accommodations become much easier to find.
  • When using public websites, beware of fraud sellers. NEVER pay anything before you've seen the place personally. A general giveaway as to whether a seller or renter is a fraud is if they make many grammar mistakes and write that they are out of the country. It is always best to view a place personally or have someone you trust go for you.

Moving into a new place

It is important to note that once you've moved into a new place you must register your new address with the municipal authorities. This must be done at the Kreisverwaltungsreferat (KVR). If you are moving from an old place into a new place, the same applies. It is also important for mailing purposes that you report your new address with the postal service. A Nachsendeantrag can be requested from the Deutsche Post which allows them to re-route mail from your old address to your new one. It is suggested to get a Nachsendeantrag at least two weeks and a minumum of 5 business days before moving.